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Inside adesso


‘There’s land on the horizon’ – digital well-being while working from home

During the first lockdown, Jon Bailey, a former British sailor, received a lot of attention – including from me – on social media platform Twitter after his tips for working from home went viral. Admittedly, that was quite a while ago and most people have more or less become used to the ‘new normal’ since then. Having said that, there’s no getting away from the fact that the days spent working at home all seem to blend into one and we jump at the chance to add a little variety to our routine. In this post, I’d like to share some of Bailey’s tips with you, as well as some personal recommendations from my colleagues at adesso. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a tip or two that will help you emerge from the subaquatic world of working from home.


Inside adesso


Create your own world with WorkAdventure – how we got on

WorkAdventure is a game that allows you to recreate the familiar feeling of being in an office or to meet someone by chance at a conference online. This is how we got on.




The brown paper method – versatile process mapping

In my blog post, I’d like to introduce you to an incredibly versatile method for recording, analysing and documenting processes. The brown paper method is shaped by interactive collaboration, especially on site. I would like to share my experiences with you to demonstrate how the method can be adapted during a pandemic and still be applied on site.


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